Gamma Gamma Rho Chapter
International Pharmaceutical

Rho Pi Phi


Past Executive Board Members

2013-2014 Executive Board

Chancellor: Jeannie Ong

Vice Chancellor: Janice Lee

Scribe: Brandon Chiu

Guardian of Exchequer: Steven Trinh

Fiery Dragon: Ana Ly

Philanthropy Chair: Celestina Pak & Kathy Bui

Fundraiser Chair: Tiffany Van Tran

Social Chair: Carin Fujitani

Publicity Chair: Linda Ngo

Historians: Dop Nguyen & Lindsey Imada

Webmistress: Quynh Anh Hoang

2012-2013 Executive Board

Chancellor: Dean Pak

Vice-Chancellor: Patrick Castro

Scribe: Brandon Chiu

Guardian of Exchequer: Angelina Luong

Fiery Dragon: Jeannie Ong

Philanthropy Chairs: Hien Pham and Janice Lee

Fundraiser Chair: Christin Molnar

Social Chair: Rachelle Nicolas

Publicity Chair: Oswaldo Villareal

Historians: Gabriel Park and Ellen Cho

Inter-Fraternity Delegate: Terry Phonxanasinh

Webmaster: Connie Lam

2011-2012 Executive Board

Chancellor: Vinvia Leung

Vice-Chancellor: Minh Nguyen

Scribe: Michelle Duca

Guardian of Exchequer: Duc Hoang

Fiery Dragon: Maggie Wong

Philanthropy Chairs: Ayumi Oda and Sasha Sadeghizadeh

Fundraiser Chair: Jason Tambourine

Social Chair: Laura Kim

Publicity Chair: Lori Anami

Historians: Xin Yang and Dean Pak

Inter-Fraternity Delegate: Patrick Castro

Webmaster: Gary Chow

2010-2011 Executive Board

Chancellor: Michelle Yu

Vice Chancellor: Davina Garls

Scribe: Christina Choi

Guardian of Exchequer: Stephanie Lopez

Fiery Dragon: Minh Nguyen

Philanthropy Chair: Gary Chow and Lori Anami

Fundraiser Chair: Tracy Tran

Social Chair: Vinvia Leung

Publicity Chair: Lan Vo

Historians: Adrienne Ordonez and Xin Yang

2009-2010 Executive Board

Chancellor: Jennifer Tran

Vice Chancellor: Kelly Moy

Scribe: Jerry Tuazon

Guardian of Exchequer: n/a

Fiery Dragon: Davina Garls

Philanthropy Chair: Michelle Yu and Stephanie Lopez

Fundraiser Chair: Tony Mai

Social Chair: Renee Stephenson

Publicity Chair: France Lam

Historian: Tamara Ananewycz

Gamma Gamma Rho's

Founding Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Thomas Reutzel, Ph.D

CCP's Pharmacy Practice Professor

(1995-2013 Faculty Advisor)


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