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Rho Pi Phi originated in November 1918 at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy after the appearance of a disturbing campus bulletin which banned students of various denominations and color from obtaining membership to existing fraternities. With the approval of Dean Theodore Bradley, thirteen men and three women formed the non-sectarian organization Ram Bam Pharmaceutical Society. In 1919, the Ram Bam Pharmaceutical Society became Rho Pi Phi Fraternity.

The first Rho Pi Phi national convention was held in New York City in 1922, under the direction of Frater Isaac Weiser. The first Supreme Council of Rho Pi Phi was elected at this convention, and included offices such as: Supreme Councillor, Vice Supreme Councillor, Scribe, Guardian of the Exchequer, Organizer, Assistant Organizer, and Ritualist. Additionally, the Rho Pi Phi constitution was first adopted at this convention. Conventions are now run under the supervision of the Supreme Council, and are typically held at summer resort locations.

Rho Pi Phi Fraternity first began editing and publishing a magazine in 1929, which was known as "The Quarterly Review". After numerous name changes and transformations, the journal of Rho Pi Phi is now published as ROPE LINKS. ROPE LINKS includes information from both convention journals and quarterly newsletters.

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