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The three cardinal principles held strong and practiced by Rho Pi Phi are friendship, professionalism, and community service.  Our dedication to community service and the promotion of Pharmacy health and wellness encompasses a large part of what brings us together.  Here are some philanthropic activities that Gamma Gamma Rho has participated in.     


MedAccess Chicago Pharmacy 

RPP brothers volunteered starting at 2013 with MedAccess Chicago Pharmacy to help the underserve Chicago communities.  MedAccess Chicago, located in the West Town Health center, provides free prescription medicines to the underserved and uninsured.  They are open 60 hours per week and is kept functioning by staffs of volunteer pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.  In 2012, CommunityHealth filled more than 66,000 prescriptions valued at over $17 million. (Community Health, 2014). 

If you are wanting to take part in this volunteering experience at MedAccess Chicago, please contact our Philanthropy Co-Chairs: Lisa & Rosie.  

For more information, please visit the CommunityHealth website for MedAccess


Meal from the heart

Besides organizing school activities, we tend to leap and help those around us. Right after New Year’s, RPP members gave back to the community by making home-cooked dinner for the families. It required teamwork but also some creativity to provide a meal from the heart.

Breast Cancer Walk

We helped the fight against breast cancer by sharing our time as a Making Strides volunteer. Our volunteers help with check-in, water stations, information, and much more. 

We are all moved by this annual breast cancer walk knowing that every step we take is making a difference.

MWU Health Fair

MWU is Tomorrow’s Healthcare Team, where we round up the community of all ages to get their shots, blood glucose tested and more! We set up a Teddy Bear Clinic specifically for children in order to educate them the importance of getting shots and that it doesn’t always hurt!

2014- 2015



OCTOBER 4, 2014

Check out RPP's Teddy Bear Clinic at the 2014 MWU Health Fair!!  Our brothers helped children to dispel fears of doctor visits by giving them various activities to perform on their stuffed animals.   


RPP Honduras Medical Brigade 
August 2014

Ever wanted to volunteer overseas to provide health services to underserved communities and also gain a fulfilling experience of a lifetime?  Well, look no more because Global Brigades is here! 

MWU - Gamma Gamma Rho & UOP - Lambda Sigma Delta chapters took part in the Honduras Medical Brigade this Summer to provide medical care, health, and wellness services to the underserved.  Check out what our brothers did this summer!

For more information about Global Brigades, contact our Global Brigades Chair - Hwai.  

RPP at MWU Easterfest 2014

Our fellow brothers bringing joy to these little boys and girls on their special Easter day celebrations.  

RPP at MWU Halloween Fest 2013
October 25, 2013

A day filled with tons of happy children with buckets of candy and cute costumes at MWU's Halloween festival.